Hutchinson Bell
Chicagoland Chapter

Board Meeting Decisions

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Saturday, April 7th
(Time to be announced)

at the home of Bill & Shannon Sink
79 N Royal Oaks Dr, Bristol IL 60512
Everyone welcome
More information to follow

Juniors and Seniors in high school are

invited to visit the Florida College campus during Falcon Days.

   • Get a taste of college life without the

   • Lots of information and activities
   • Meals are included
   • Parents are welcome
If you’re interested in attending one of
these events, please contact Laura Alvarez.
Our chapter will be working toward coordinating chaperones to take
groups down if there is enough

2017 Chicagoland Camp
June 17-23, 2018

Andy Diestelkamp    andydiestelkamp@gmail.com
Bill Sink    billshan0592@att.net

Board Members
Shannon Sink billshan0592@att.net
Philip Chumbley pechumbley@aol.com
Curt Nettles  cnettles@cusd15.org
David Diestelkamp  davdiestel@yahoo.com
Jen Venuso  the.venusos@gmail.com
Mason Venuso  mason.venuso@gmail.com
Laura Alvarez  alvarez64@gmail.com

Membership List

(as of 1/1/18)

Justin Alvarez family
Mike & Laura Alvarez
Keith and Kathy Barclay
Philip Chumbley
Al Diestelkamp
Andy Diestelkamp
David Diestelkamp family
Susan Elam
Twyla Glaub
Rick and Candy Liggin
Steve Livingston family
Scott Miller family
Curt Nettles family
Orin & Suzanne Roth
Trenton Roth family
Bill Sink family
Jeffrey Smelser
Carrie Tambling
Norma Thiele family
Peter and Dawn Thompson
Dominic & Jen Venuso
Mason & Emily Venuso
John & Margarita Vogeler
Steve Wallace
Madison West
Monique Yeager family

Congratulations to the
Join The Hutchinson Bell
t-shirt winners

Scott and Suzy Miller
Justin and Hannah Alvarez
Trenton and Beth Roth

Chicagoland members of the FC cross country team at the USCAA Fall 2017 National Championship Tournament in Virginia Beach, VA.
(Left to right)  Jacob Alvarez, Ethan Sink, Jason Mallo, Madison West, Cassie Miller, Jacob Sink

Scott and Suzy Miller show their support for the FC cross country team at the USCAA National Tournament



Got Questions?

What happened to the Chicagoland Florida College Booster Club (CFCBC)?
It was decided in a series of Booster club meetings to dissolve the existing club and form the Chicagoland chapter of the Hutchinson Bell

What's the Hutchinson Bell?
The Hutchinson Bell is Florida College’s alumni and friends’ association which exists to serve members by allowing them to connect, communicate and cultivate relationships with one another and the college which brought them together.
So did we just change names?
No, the club, before dissolving, chose a board of directors who will serve as the governing body of the Chicagoland Chapter of the Hutchinson Bell.

What will the board do?
The board has elected new officers and will have meetings throughout the year to make decisions about the chapter’s activities and endeavors.

Does this mean there are no more meetings like we used to have?
Yes and no. Anyone who is a member of the chapter is welcome to attend the board meetings to offer input and bring suggestions. There will also be an annual meeting where new board members will be nominated and elected by the members at large, however, the regular board meetings will not be tied to a social function as it has been in the past.

How do I find out about the meetings?
Meetings will be posted on the website, and emails will be sent out to the membership at large.

How do I offer suggestions and input if I'm not able to attend a meeting?
You can contact any of the board members or officers with questions, suggestions or other input.

So, if I'm not an officer or a board member how else can I be involved in the club?
The board members and officers will always be looking for volunteers to head committees, work on committees and generally lend a helping hand. We strongly encourage members at large to stay involved in the chapter, with a goal of serving and, if interested, pursue a role as board member or officer in the future. 

Are there any things I can help with right now?
Yes, definitely. The board is currently looking for members who are capable at website design and other social media platforms to help on our Communication Committee. If you or someone you know of is interested in helping in this way, they should contact the Communication Committee chair, Mason Venuso.

We are also looking for people interested in driving prospective students down to the Falcon Days events on the FC campus. You can contact Laura Alvarez if you would like more information about that.

Am I a current member of the Chicagoland Chapter of The Hutchinson Bell?
In the left column is a list of the people from our area that as of January 11 2018 have signed up as members. If you believe you are a member, but are not on that list, or if you want help in joining the Chicagoland Chapter of The Hutchinson Bell, contact Shannon Sink at billshan0592@att.net. When joining make sure that you choose to be affiliated with the Chicagoland Chapter.

NOTE: Some people who have been recurring members in the past may assume their memberships have renewed automatically. However, it is necessary to renew mannually now that our Booster Club has joined The Hutchinson Bell. See next question below.

How do I become a member of The Chicagoland Chapter of the Hutchinson Bell?
By paying annual dues of $35 (for family) or $25 (for individuals) to The Hutchinson Bell, you automatically are able to be a member of a local chapter. You can go to thehutchinsonbell.com to sign up.

Still have questions?
Feel free to contact our President, Vice President or one of the Board Members. (See list in left column)

here for more information


Web Editor: Al Diestelkamp